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Welcome to my web. If you are here looking for RV Value Reports, new or used RV pricing or wholesale/invoice price analysis, please follow this link or go to www.rvs-r-us.com.

If you have followed a link from meetup.com or www.RVBuyersClub.com and you want to be part of the action, please send me an email describing where you are at in your buying process. My email is rvguru"at" gmail.com (replace "at" with @) or you can call me  between 10am to 6pm mountain standard time. 800-771-2587.

As we get organized with www.RVBuyersClub.com we need a couple of things to happen. First of all, you should know what you want to buy and when and where you want to buy it. (i.e. 2008 Holiday Rambler Endeavor 36PDQ, in May 2008, Cave Creek, AZ). A complete list of options and MSRP are helpful now and required later on as we organize your buyer group.

That is what this is all about. As we accumulate listings, patterns and opportunities will surface and we will be able to offer you buying options never before available or dreamed about by this generation RV buyers. No longer will we be bumping our heads against a well organized sales machine designed to take as much money from us as possible. The RV buying process will be broken down into three segments.
  • RV shopping where you go to RV shows and RV dealer lots and whatever else helps you decide the unit you want. The pressure to buy now, buy, buy, buy will no longer exist. This will no longer be your purpose. Your mission now becomes that of shopper, not buyer.
  • RV documentation means nailing down the specifics. This way, any dealer who handles your dream RV can provide retail and selling prices based on known specifications.
  • RV buying  becomes a group effort among club members. Yes, you are buying your specific RV but you are not alone. We will present an organized selling opportunity to a dealer they can not refuse. They will save advertising dollars, unit carrying costs and sales commissions not to mention the streamlining of the manufacturing costs when all of a sudden, the majority of units built are presold, not dealer stock coachs.
This is an exciting project for us. We hope you get as enthused as we are because there is a huge other side to all of this.

Buy Your Next Dream RV & Make Money Doing It!

Say what! How? This is so simple it's scary. Since you are going through all the hassle of the shopping process, why not document it? Why not produce an ebook about buying a RV in your local area. It is not as hard or complicated as you might think. We will be providing the frame work for the process from filling in simple forms to publishing and collecting payments. A simple information filled thirty page ebook will sell between $7.00 to $10.00 dollars and return a 100% commission to the seller while giving you the chance to make ongoing contiuous profits because of an ingenious after sale feature. You will be able to sell every ebook produced by club members just as they will sell yours. The real money will come from the after sell features that ride along with each  ebook you create.

Not interested in profiting? Just in it to get a good deal on your next dream RV?  That's fine too. But with the information starved RV buying public being kept in the dark and misinformed by industry resources, if we don't design and implement our own information products, business as usual will continue to grind us up one RVer at a time.
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